Home Use Slicer Home Line 200 (120V)

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Home Line: Berkel brings Design in your kitchen. This line of slicers is the culmination of know-how from the team of Berkel engineers, functionality requirements and high safety standards. Home Line has been developed from professional Berkel slicer technology. It guarantees unbeatable performance and safety levels: the chrome-plated steel blade with professional profile ensures the perfect cut, uniform slices and reduced waste. The absence of sharp edges coupled with specific features (such as the space for the collection of small pieces of food scrap and opening plate), ensures that perfect cleaning is fast and simple. The originality of Home Line 250 lies in its innovative design: essential and rounded lines define almost futurist contours. Designed to amaze, captivate and above all to be exhibited, with its extraordinarily compact size, in your kitchen.

A few details may vary from the ones visible in the photo.


  • Very thin residual product to minimize wasted material
  • Gauge plate opening lever with 20 millimetric adjustment positions for an accurate regulation
  • Inclined food plate for an effortless and more precise slicing
  • Chromed steel blade with professional profile: reduces waste and ensures perfect slices
  • 0,19 kW professional engine for great slicing performance
  • Steel deflector with facilitated magnetic coupling for a better slices removal
  • Specific aluminum alloy casting and baseplate, and polymer feet, for total stability during slicing
  • Fully IP65 sealed control panel
  • Blade remover and sharpener available for different purchases


  • Casting made out of a single mold obtaining absence of gaps
  • Rapid food grade aluminum blade cover removal system for an easy cleaning of the blade
  • Foldable food plate for an easy machine cleaning
  • Space for the collection of small pieces of food scrap
  • Wide space for fast and easy cleaning
  • Steel removable, dishwasher-safe product press holder
  • Aluminum flat baseplate for total absence of space between slicer and table


  • Professional control panel, ON/OFF switches with high visibility LEDs
  • Food grade aluminum ring guard for best safety
  • Ergonomic controls in comfortable position to minimize any effort for the operator



Removable parts: Blade guard disk, pressamerce, meat table overturnable but not removable, slice guard deflector.

Sharpener not included, optional for sale.


Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 15 in


Net Weight

27.56 lb

Motor rating

0,19 kW

Circular cutting capacity

5.5 inc

Rectangular cutting capacity

7.9×5.5 inc

Cut Thickness

0 – 0.78 inc

Blade diameter

7.7 inc


1 year