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About Berkel

History has fed and transformed Berkel’s image. Berkel has always remained faithful to the values that have made it what it is today and uses them to create state of the art solutions to meet every requirement. Performance, ease of use, and cleanliness keep improving because innovation guarantees simplicity and efficiency. Modern lines, reduced dimensions, and bright colours are the distinctive features of the innovative Berkel design.


The myth came into existence back in 1898, thanks to Wilhelmus Adrianus Van Berkel, who used all his passion and experience to reproduce mechanically the movement of the hand that cuts with a knife. His invention soon spread across the world. During the ‘50s, Berkel was not just an innovative product but also a true status symbol.



After over 100 years, Berkel still means perfection, reliability, innovation, and durability. A set of values handed down with pride and shared every day with those who step into this world. Because Berkel is not just a trademark, it’s a lifestyle, a passion! It’s dedication to elegance and quality. Berkel is love for all things beautiful and unique. The pursuit of perfection translates into the most attention to details, which is possible only thanks to an entirely artisanal production process. The high-precision mechanical features enhance the quality of the sliced product and blend with the beauty and extraordinary appeal of Berkel slicers.

Return Policy

  1. Right of withdrawal

Should the Customer not be satisfied with the purchase for any reason, he/she is entitled to withdraw from the contract without any penalty and without specifying the reasons within 14 calendar days from then the goods were received. The Customer must notify withdrawal within said deadline via registered letter with return receipt to: Van Berkel International Srl, Oggiona con S. Stefano (VA) Via Ugo Foscolo 22 CAP 21040. The Customer may also send a fax to (401)371-6550 or an email to within the same deadline, which must be followed by the aforementioned registered letter with return receipt within 48 hours. The Customer must return the purchased products to the Supplier within ten days from the withdrawal notification. The products must be PERFECTLY INTACT and in their original packaging with no part missing. The goods will be returned at the Customer’s expense. Upon receiving the product, the Supplier will reimburse the amount paid by the Customer, including shipping expenses (from the Supplier to the Customer) within thirty days from when it receives the returned products.

If the client intends on exercising the right of withdrawal or replacement, the expenses for the return are always borne by the client. The replacement or return will be borne by Van Berkel International only if the product is non-compliant or defective. In the case of returns, the product must be returned to the company in its original packaging. Clients who do not have the original packaging can exercise their right to return or replacement by asking Van Berkel International to provide the specific packaging. The expenses for the shipping of new packaging are to be borne by the client.  Product replacement or reimbursement requests will not be processed if they do not contain the original packaging.  IN THE CASE OF REPLACEMENT OF A NON-COMPLIANT OR DEFECTIVE PRODUCT, contact the service department at and WAIT for the take over confirmation from the service department. Return the product to the company only after having received approval from the service department.

2. Nonconformities

Any nonconformity must be reported within two months from its detection, under the penalty of making the warranty null and void. Once the defect is ascertained, the Customer will be entitled either to the replacement of the product or to an appropriate price reduction, or to the termination of the contract with the reimbursement of the amounts paid.

3. Complaints

The Customer may file a complaint by sending an email to within 3 days from receiving the product, indicating the reason for the complaint and attaching a photograph of the product.
Should the Supplier deem it necessary, the Customer must send the disputed goods via a courier to allow for in-depth verifications.
This will be done at the expense of the Supplier, who will assess whether the complaint is justified and, if so replace the item.