Harmonia is an international company dedicated to the research and development of skin care products. With more than a decade in the market, Harmonia dedicated itself to listening to its consumers and developing the most attractive and innovative brands they can use every day, and satisfice them all the time.

About Harmonia

We are working to become the number one global company in skin care; and we will achieve this because we believe in people, in research and development, in the quality of processes, in environmental responsibility and in innovation as a premise of everything we do.


  • Science at your skin’s service: We have a team of specialists dedicated to find and test new assets, new and effective raw materials, and to develop new cosmetic forms and formulations that meet and offer innovative solutions to the needs of our consumers’ skin.
  • Quality as a guide: We apply the quality management system in each of our daily activities; Our production processes are in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and we are implementing ISO 9001 standards in all areas of the organization.
  • We minimize our environmental impact: We work with PET bottles and flexible packaging, whose impact on the environment is less; in our production processes we reuse the water and treat the effluents before pouring them; and when it comes to qualifying our suppliers, we prefer those that guarantee processes of sustainability and responsibility with the environment.
  • Innovation made products: For us, innovation is not an ethereal concept; It materializes in our presentations, packaging, cosmetic forms, formulations, choice of active ingredients, production processes and even in our marketing channels. Innovation drives our actions.


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