Foot Operated Stainless Steel Double Push-Button Hand Sink with Rotating Gooseneck

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Our double push-button foot-operated hand sink is a versatile and functional piece with a 20-gauge countertop, squared bowl, backsplash, rotating gooseneck, drain system, and durable stainless-steel construction.

Double push-button foot operated hand sink, squared sink bowl
It is fully constructed of stainless steel AISI 304.
All TIG welded.
20-gauge countertop with large, squared sink bowl and splash.
Hands-free rotating gooseneck.
Brushed finish.
Drain with plug and overflow drain.
Flush-to-wall drain Mixed cold and hot water when stepping on both push buttons, or you can choose only cold or hot water.
Low rear side ready to adopt the curved convex floor profile.
Easily removable panel to access hidden plumbing.

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Weight 28.6 lbs
Dimensions 17.72 × 17.72 × 33.46 in



2 years