CX Matic 33: Professional Automatic Gravity Electric Slicer (120V)

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Omas Electric CX Matic 33 Slicer offers accuracy and speed. Now you can slice, dice, and mince with ease thanks to the gauge plate with adjustable thickness settings. The blade cover, meat table, stainless steel slice deflector, and aluminum product press holder are easily removable for proper cleaning. The built-in sharpener increases productivity and minimizes food waste.

• Professional automatic gravity electric slicer
• Silent gear transmission
• Lubricating point device for sliding bar
• Separate cutting and carriage motors
• Built-in sharpener
• Easily removable parts for cleaning: blade cover, meat table, stainless
steel slice deflector and aluminum product press holder
• Fixed outer blade cover ring
• Automatic carriage return toward operator at the end of work
• Thickness gauge plate lock with slice thickness adjuster on 0

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Additional information

Weight 130.07 lbs
Dimensions 25.60 × 30 × 24.41 in


Circular cutting capacity

235 mm / 9.25 in

Rectangular cutting capacity

260x170h mm / 10.24×6.69 in


330 mm / 12.99 in

Cut thickness

0-14 mm / 0-.55 in

Net weight

59 kg / 130.07 lb

Motor rating

0,45 kW

Electrical Especifications

120V / 60Hz


1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and technical report