GL30 Professional & Compact Automatic Slicer (120V)

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Experience effortless slicing at your fingertips with The Omas GL30 Slicer. This compact automatic slicer has a 300mm blade with a blade guard for safe cutting. It also has a built-in sharpener, separate cutting and carriage motors, and a stainless steel slice deflector offering precision in every cut.

• Professional, compact automatic slicer
• Start/stop switches with indicator light
• Lubricating point for sliding bar
• Separate cutting and carriage motors
• Built-in sharpener
• Mobile blade guard to prevent accidental contact
• Easily removable parts for cleaning: blade cover, meat table, stainless
steel slice deflector, aluminum product press holder
• Fixed outer blade cover ring
• Automatic carriage returns toward operator at the end of work
• Thickness gauge plate lock with slice thickness adjuster on 0

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Additional information

Weight 90.39 lbs
Dimensions 21.65 × 25.20 × 20.87 in



300 mm / 11.81 in

Cut thickness

0-14 mm / 0-.55 in

Net weight

41 kg / 90.39 lb

Motor rating

0,40 kW

Electrical Especifications

120V / 60Hz


1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and technical report