The OMAs Expert 205 Vegetable Cutter (120V)

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The OMAS vegetable cutter Expert 205 satisfi es every possible need in the preparation of vegetables, fruits and legumes. The machine has a variety of discs to cut, slice, grate, shred, cut julienne, match like, strip like and much more. The discs are easily interchangeable and removable for cleaning purposes.

A special cylindrical feed hopper is also fi tted on the machine to cut long shaped vegetables.The high quality anodized aluminum alloy produced in our foundry, together with the precision processing, polishing and anodizing treatments carried out in OMAS’ most advanced facilities, guarantee the highest quality fi nish resistant to wear, scratches and shocks.

Expert 205 vegetable cutter uses a 1HP motor which facilitates a heavy duty workload.

The hourly production varies from 200 to 300 Kg/h depending on the type of product being processed.

The standard speed of 300RPM allows the product to be cut gently maintaining its cell structure, that means slower oxidation and less cell damage.

Circular conveyor (diameter 70mm) to cut long shaped vegetables.

Lever conveyor (oval opening 170mm) to cut bigger vegetables.

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1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and technical report