Vintage Manual Flywheel Slicer with Built-in Sharpener

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Omas Flywheel Vintage Slicer with a rapid table advanced mechanism system is the ideal kitchen companion for you. The stainless steel slice deflector and the aluminium meat table and overplate can be easily removed for deep cleaning. The anti-slip feet come with 2 options which keep the slicer firmly in place during use.

• Manual flywheel slicer
• Rapid table advance mechanism system
• Built-in sharpener
• Feet can be adjusted in 2 different positions
• Stainless steel slice deflector
• Aluminum meat table and overplate
• Ample space for cleaning between the blade and the sharpener body
• Easily removable components for cleaning: meat table, overplate and slice deflector
• Removable sharpener

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Additional information

Weight 123.46 lbs
Dimensions 33.86 × 31.10 × 25.98 in



300 mm / 11.81 in

Cut thickness

0 – 1,5 mm / 0.59 in

Net weight

44 kg / 97 lb


1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and technical report