Flywheel Slicers Volano P15

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The new P15 flywheel meat slicer is a reproduction of the historic P model of the ‘40s and encompasses its perfect cut, unique craftsmanship, elegance, and tradition.

  • High quality cast iron structure with high-gloss polished aluminum and stainless steel parts and rubber feet for total stability during slicing
  • Small in size, take up minimum space
  • Classic Berkel flywheel internally balanced to prevent unintentional rotation in any position
  • 285mm 100cr6 chromed steel blade with professional profile: reduces waste and ensures perfect slices
  • Food plate quick advance and returning system combined with a manual millimetric knob for perfect product positioning
  • Built-in sharpener with exposed chrome finishes
  • Gauge plate opening knob to adjust slice thickness from 0mm to 3 mm
  • Very thin residual product to minimize wasted material
  • Steel deflector for a better slices removal
  • Stainless steel professional food plate with a detachable system for an easy machine cleaning
  • Wide space for fast and easy cleaning and a rear space to collect wasted material
  • Quick slice deflector opening system for an easy cleaning of the machine
  • White glass paste receiving tray and sliding meat table
  • Stainless steel full blade ring guard with manual opening system for best safety
  • Food grade aluminum back ring guard fixed for best safety
  • Black anodized aluminum ergonomic controls in comfortable position to maximize the grip and to minimize any effort for the operator

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Additional information

Weight 154.32 lbs
Dimensions 31.5 × 26.8 × 32.28 in


Net Weight

132.28 lb

Circular cutting capacity

7.1 in

Rectangular cutting capacity

8.3×7 in

Cut Thickness

0 – 0.12 inc

Blade diameter

11.2 inc




1 year