Berkel Red Line Electric Meat Slicer 250 (120V)

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Red Line: performance & design by Berkel. The Berkel’s Red Line 250 Slicer is an exceptional meat slicer. It has a professional control panel and is also easy to clean and maintain. Efficient and durable, this lightweight electric slicer with a built-in sharpener guarantees precise slicing.

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  • Very thin residual product to minimize wasted material
  • Gauge plate opening knob with 14 millimetric adjustment positions for an accurate regulation
  • Inclined food plate for an effortless and more precise slicing
  • Chromed steel blade with professional profile: reduces waste and ensures perfect slices
  • 0,21 kW CV (0,31 kw for the 300 version) professional engine for great slicing performance
  • Steel deflector for a better slices removal
  • Specific aluminum alloy casting and polymer feet for total stability during slicing
  • Fully IP65 sealed control panel
  • Integrated sharpener with a two separate movements operating system to increase sharpening precision

Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Casting made out of a single mold obtaining absence of gaps
  • Fast food grade aluminum blade cover removal system for an easy cleaning of the blade
  • Professional food plate with a quick detachable system for an easy machine cleaning
  • Wide space for fast and easy cleaning


  • Professional control panel, ON/OFF switches with high visibility LEDs
  • Food grade aluminum ring guard for best safety
  • Ergonomic controls in comfortable position to minimize any effort for the operator
  • Complete closure of the gauge plate for maximum safety during cleaning operations and CE Block to prevent its opening when the plate is out of place
  • Aluminum, with steel spykes, product press holder with disarmed position to prevent accidental release
  • Automatic shutdown of the machine in case of power failure


Removable parts: Blade guard disk, meat table, slice guard deflector

included, 2-movements type


Additional information

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 in


Net Weight

27.56 lb

Motor rating

0,19 kW

Circular cutting capacity

7.0 inc

Rectangular cutting capacity

7.3×6.9 inc

Cut Thickness

0 – 0.55 inc

Blade diameter

9.8 inc


1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and technical report