INT90 (120V): The Ultimate Tool for Meat Tenderization

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When you insert a medium-quality slice of meat in the tenderising unit, thousand of tenderising blades go into depth cutting the muscle fi bres and the sinews off. The result is remarkable because the long fi bres break giving a bigger compactness to the meat. If the meat is very though or little fi t to be eaten as a steak, the operation can be repeated very often turning 90° the direction of introduction.

So you will have a really tender slice of meat; it will cook in half the time and it will be perfectly tender and chewable.

Constructive features: The materials used for its realization, anodized aluminium and stainless steel, have been strictly choosen according to the hygienic and sanitary rules to make the machines invariable in time.

A powerful alternating current motor, completely hermetic and with an air blast cooling system, transmits the whole necessary power to carry out noiselessly the required performances by an oil bath gear reduction unit.

So structured, the motor can work for any hours running without heating the cutting unit and without making any noise.

The powerful ratio motor unit is stable on the workbench and it does not need any attention.

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