Professional Electric Gravity Feed Slicers Pro Line XS25 (120V)

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The Pro Line XS25 is a professional electric gravity feed slicer with a sleek design, high-performance materials, and HO.RE.CA channel compatibility. It offers enhanced safety, easy cleaning, and excellent cutting performance, with a wide pusher and removable sharpener.

  • Food plate inclined at 38 °to facilitate the passage of the material and the fall of the slice
  • Gauge plate with an oblique 15 °opening to facilitate the way out of the product while slicing
  • Blade cover with continuous profile for a uniform slice thicknesses
  • Very thin residual product to minimize wasted material
  • Wide pusher to tightly fix the product on the plate
  • Fully IP67 sealed control panel and food-grade silicone gaskets on each exposed part
  • Gauge plate opening knob with 14 millimetric adjustment positions for an accurate regulation
  • Steel deflector with facilitated magnetic coupling 
  • Removable sharpener included


Additional information

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 in


Net Weight

41.88 lb

Motor rating

0,32 kW

Circular cutting capacity

7.4 inc

Rectangular cutting capacity

8.86×7 inc

Cut Thickness

0 – 0.55 inc

Blade diameter

9.84 inc


1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and technical report